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Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Force. Three levels of Reiki training are offered through Mastership. The first level, or First Degree Reiki, is touch healing. You can use First Degree Reiki on anything you can touch - yourself, others, animals, plants, food and even machinery.

Because Reiki always works for balance it is safe even for children to practice and the gentle, powerful energy heals you as it passes through you on the way to the recipient. One of the most wonderful properties of Reiki is that it functions like the base note of a perfume in that it supports, expands and carries your individual healing talents to the destination without diminishing or eclipsing them in any way. It also teaches you over time to rely on the endless source of life force energy rather than using or giving away your own energy.

The Level I class focuses on the basic teachings of Reiki. The story of Reiki and Dr. Usui starts off the class, moving into the practical aspects of Reiki healing. You will learn 2 sets of hand positions for Reiki treatment and will both give and receive a treatment while in class. Naturally, Reiki comes through you as you practice bodywork to soften, heal and balance the tissue as you work. During the day of Level I training you will be attuned to the energy permanently with a set of four ‘attunements’ or ‘initiations’. These attunements are like a very intense, directed healing that anchors or plants the Reiki energy in your body with the first attunement. Each subsequent attunement in the series of four blends the Reiki energy with yours at each upper chakra level. Like pins that become magnetized by proximity to a magnet, your energy is permanently attuned to the Reiki vibration by the attunements and you will instantly connect with and carry the Reiki energy at any time it is wanted or needed.

Reiki is a very usable tool that proves quite practical in everyday life. Reiki is one of the few techniques that you can easily use on yourself. The Reiki energy enhances everything you do that you touch and love; cooking, gardening, interaction with your loved ones and pets. It is always available for immediate needs, like a burn in the kitchen, a scraped knee or sprained ankle. Reiki healing can be transmitted to a person in bed or in hospital by simply touching the body in one spot, like holding the person’s hand or foot, or clasping their shoulder. Reiki is something you can do for yourself anytime, anywhere; standing in line, sitting at your desk or in front of the TV or wherever you find yourself with a moment to place your hands on yourself or another person. The Reiki energy is immediately available without any special meditative preparation and so it is appropriate to use easily in daily life. It is an entirely user friendly system of healing.

I also teach privately for both individuals and other groups.

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